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Clear Braces

in West Bridgford, Nottingham

At Loughborough Road we are able offer invisible orthodontic brace treatment using the Smile Tru Aligner system.

Based on a series of clear appliances constructed in a digitally generated sequence to gradually move your teeth into their most cosmetic position without the need for traditional wire braces.

This technology is driving an adult orthodontic revolution in the UK


Clear braces or aligner systems were originally developed in the USA resulting in increased time for treatment and expense for our patients. The Smile Tru system has been developed locally and is aimed at UK dentists and their patients.

Without the need for traditional impressions we will digitally scan your mouth enabling exact printing of 3D models for treatment planning and aligner construction.

Throughout your treatment you will receive new aligners every four weeks, each with a slightly different tooth position until the desired appearance achieved.

Smile True aligners are comfortable to wear with only mild tightness around your teeth each time a new appliance is fitted.

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Do I wear my aligners 24 hours a day?
Appliances are designed only to be removed for eating and cleaning and are only effective with continual wear

How long will the treatment take?
Simple treatment with only minor tooth movement can be completed in 6 to 8 months and even the most complicated cases rarely take more than 18 months

Why is Aligner treatment more expensive than traditional orthodontics?
Each Smile Tru Aligner is individually constructed on a 3-D printed model with a new model and appliance needed every four weeks

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