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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
Loughborough Rd Dental Practice will commence gradual reopening from the 8th June2020.
To ensure the safety of both our staff and patients this will be a phased process.
Priority will be given initially to those patients in pain and who have been unable to receive treatment during the lockdown period.
Routine and non urgent treatment will recommence as soon as possible.
We are extremely grateful for your support throughout these challenging times and thank you for your continued patience.
Keep Safe
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Childrens Dentistry

in West Bridgford, Nottingham

At Loughborough Road Dental Practice we want to meet your children as soon as they have teeth so we can start building relationships for life.

It is not unrealistic to aim. for a generation to grow up without having any fillings!

Advantages for Loughborough Road patients

Modern children’s dentistry places the emphasis on prevention by targeting four areas:

Realistically, our children are always going to request sugary snacks.

We aim to keep children’s diets sugar-free between meals on most days while still allowing “treat” times within the week.

Sugar causes most damage to teeth when consumed little and often, it is the frequency not the amount which causes teeth harm.

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Will children be treated on the NHS?
Yes Loughborough Road except all under 18’s for free dental treatment on the NHS whether parents are patients of the practice or not.

How do we help nervous and young children?
All new experiences must be introduced slowly over a number of appointments to ensure your children feels happy to allow any dental treatment necessary.

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