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Meet our orthodontist

Since joining Loughborough Road 25 years ago, Matthew Burton has been developing his specialist interest in orthodontics.

His initial training and experience gained at the Dept. of Orthodontics at QMC Nottingham has proved invaluable in a busy family dental practice. At Loughborough Road we are able to treat 70% of our own patients’ orthodontic needs only referring the most complicated cases to specialist care.

Matthew is accepting both adult and children for orthodontic treatment.

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How visible will my brace be?
The focus of modern adult orthodontics is very much on keeping the appliance as invisible as possible by using clear and tooth coloured brackets or clear aligners where possible

How long would orthodontic treatment take?
This depends on how misaligned your teeth are , but most cases last between six and 18 months

Is orthodontic treatment painful?
No, however wearing a brace especially when first fitted can take a little getting used to and there may be mild discomfort after each adjustment

How often will I need to attend for adjustments?
Most appliances need adjustment every 4 to 6 weeks

How much does orthodontic treatment cost?
This depends on the amount of surgery time involved, number of visits, degree of tooth movement required and the type of appliance used.
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NHS orthodontic treatment under 18( IOTN>3.8): No patient charge
Adult orthodontic treatment: From £600/ arch
Smile Tru Aligners: From £800/ arch

Orthodontic treatment involves the slow movement or tipping of teeth within the jaw bones. This movement has to happen slowly to ensure no permanent damage to the teeth involved.
Individual teeth are attached to the appliances usually by brackets or bands which are bonded in place.

When orthodontic treatment is completed it is essential that retainers are worn to prevent the tooth position from relapsing. These can be removable, fixed or a combination of the two.

At Loughborough Road we believe strongly that orthodontic treatment should only happen when there is a significant benefit for patients’ as orthodontic treatment can be both time consuming and expensive .

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